Expedition Leaders assemble! We’re excited to introduce this brand- new team of intrepid explorers, who are ready to scale the summit of winter training with you. This unique group are committed to sharing their experience, tips, and advice to keep you motivated on your journey to the start line in February.

From a club coach to a motivational guru, these individuals have one thing in common: a passion for inspiring others and the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run!

Keep your eyes on your emails and check out this page to put some fire in your belly and keep you motivationally fuelled throughout your winter training.

But first… let’s meet the team!

As an Outdoor Fitness Instructor, there is no room for the words “I can’t” in my vocabulary, only “I’ll try”. I’m looking forward to helping you embrace the challenge of the event and arrive to the start line with confidence. Expect a fun, no-nonsense but fundamentally caring approach to the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run with me.

I’m a career-motivated tech founder who balances a busy work schedule with my passion for running. I’m excited to use my leadership and teaching skills to help you enjoy training alongside other commitments. Stay tuned for advice about balancing work with your running regime and more!

I am no stranger to the power of self-belief in overcoming life’s battles. Running has been a huge part in supporting my own mental health journey and I really want to help participants achieve their potential through the power of positivity and an open mind. We can all achieve amazing things!

I'm a coach at a women’s running club and an advocate for safe spaces for women to exercise. I'm bringing my passion for group running and its positive impact on mental health, plus important safety tips, to the Expedition Leader role.

I am a national medal holder and club runner with an enthusiasm for helping others reach their potential. Although I have a need for speed, enjoying running and having fun is my top priority. I can’t wait to share my advice on pacing, achieving PBs and tops tips for the event day itself.