Expedition Leader Angela Busts YOUR Winter Training Excuses!

Angela Charalambous is a pro in not taking ‘no’ for an answer.

The outdoor fitness instructor and mother of three has heard every trick in the book from those looking to swerve a task; from escaping homework to missing the final set of burpees. 

“I want people to feel confident and encouraged to break through mental barriers – especially those little excuses that come up when we don’t want to do something difficult. The fact is, challenge can lead to a huge sense of accomplishment and the belief that we CAN achieve things”.

“Some of my clients do refer to me as the ‘Devil Woman’ because I don’t take no for an answer! However, it’s a love-hate relationship, as they always leave my classes smiling and thankful that they turned up’.

As part of her role as Expedition Leader at the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run 2024, we let Angela loose in responding to your most common excuses during your winter training.

Angela brought her no-nonsense attitude to the task at hand, and the answers are both hilarious and inspiring. See the tips below!


EXCUSE 1: “It’s too cold outside!”

Angela’s response: “There’s no such thing as bad weather. Only bad kit. If you’ve got the right kit and you layer up properly, then there’s no reason why you can’t run”.


EXCUSE 2: “I don’t have time”

Angela’s response: “You can make time. You have to diarise and be accountable. Get yourself prepared; plan in advance, get your

 kit ready and find someone to train with as well – be accountable for both yourself and somebody else”. 


EXCUSE 3:”I’m too slow”

Angela’s response: “Why are you comparing yourself to anybody else? Go at your own pace and set your own realistic goals.


EXCUSE 4: “It’s dark outside”

Angela’s response: “I’d recommend wearing a head torch. Also, make sure you’ve got reflectives on your kit and stick to well-lit areas. Plan your route so that you avoid quiet areas, and be sensible”.


EXCUSE 5: “I’m too tired”

Angela’s response: “This is the one I hear the most. The good thing about running is that it makes you feel energised. Just make sure you’re getting enough sleep and you’re staying hydrated and well-fuelled. I promise you that the way to beat feeling sluggish is to get out there and run!”


EXCUSE 6: “I sneezed today – I might be coming down with something”

Angela’s response: “Did you sneeze today? Have you got a runny nose? A temperature? If you are genuinely unwell (symptoms are often from the neck downwards) then consider a rest day. However, if it’s just a little sniffle, you can still go out and get a session in – even at an easy effort”.


EXCUSE 7: I’ll start running consistently on Monday”

Angela’s response: “We’ve all heard this one. Just get it done. Do it now – tomorrow may never come. That is not even an excuse. End. Of”.


Thank you Angela aka. The Devil Woman – we can tell you enjoyed getting your teeth into our participants’ top running excuses!

If you see Angela at the event this year, make sure to say hello – we promise she is actually an extremely lovely person!