Packing Your Bag and Preparation with Expedition Leader Josh

Packing for the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run is an exciting but nevertheless important task. While some like to ‘live life on the edge’ with nothing but a bank card stuffed in their back pocket (we wouldn’t recommend…) others contemplate whether they can add just one more layer to their already bulging back.
So, to execute the task at hand with confidence and ease, Expedition Leader Josh has created the ‘perfect’ night-before bag packing and preparation guide.


Before you start…
First up, make sure to lay out all your clothing the night before, and do any prep work such as pinning your number to your top. It’ll be an early start on Sunday even if you live 1km from Trafalgar Square, so it’s prudent to avoid the mad dash to get your things ready and throwing morning routine out of the window.

Food and Drink
The first thing to put into your bag is a bottle of water. Unless you’re half robot, or a camel, it’ll probably be the case that you’ll require a drink between leaving home and the finish line, where water will be provided. Follow this up with an energy dense snack of some sort, like a flapjack. Eating something just before you join the queue to the start line will give you that shot you need to help fire you up the Strand.

Despite the method you use to make your way to the start and back home, you’re probably going to spend some money, whether it be on the tube, train, fuel (though best of luck if you are driving in) or stopping to buy any emergency supplies. With that being said, best to pack a card and some cash to cover your back.

Waiting for the start
If you have an old jumper or fleece lying around, now is the best time to bring it out for one last hurrah. When you’re waiting keenly to cross the start line, it’ll just be adrenaline coursing through your veins, and not the cold. As you near the start line and take your jumper off, there’ll be opportunity to donate it to Cancer Research UK!

The bag drop
If the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run is a solo expedition for you this year, there’s a bag drop where you can leave your blue bag safely. However, there may be long queues to access it both before and after the run. If you happen to have any friends or family members who are travelling to support or live nearby, ask them very kindly to hold your bag as you complete the course, so you can spend the time you would be queueing warming up, or more importantly, chatting.

Donate & Share Your Page

We’ve already raised over half a million pounds for Cancer Research UK, but now is the most important time to make an impact. Before you head off to the event make sure you get any last minute donations in! I’d recommend sharing your fundraising page to your social profiles over the event weekend, and document your day by posting some pics using #WinterRun and @cr_uk

Visit fundraising hub

Things you may not necessarily need
Depending on weather, you might persuade yourself to pack a change of clothes, spare socks, or a waterproof jacket. If the weather seems good (which it does) then I really wouldn’t bother. You probably would be better off packing that kitchen sink instead!

And that’s it!

All you need to pack your bag ready for Sunday. I hope this has helped and I look forward to seeing you all soon!