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Thank you and see you next year

That is the end of the Live Coverage for this year. If you enjoyed today, why not register your interest for next year’s event.


That is the end of the Live Coverage for this year. If you enjoyed today, why not register your interest for next year’s event.

Hi Henry

Helo hello

Thank you and see you next year

That is the end of the Live Coverage for this year. If you enjoyed today, why not register your interest for next year’s event.

Pre-register for the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run in 2020


An incredible day

What a morning. As the crowds disperse and you, the runners, return home to hopefully put your feet up, we can all pause for thought.

Having 23 000 people out running in London is a fantastic achievement. There is no doubt of the benefits of running in people’s lives. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone including participants, volunteers, supporters, contractors, Cancer Research UK and other supporting sponsors and charities – you have helped contribute to a healthier, happier world.

Oh and thanks to the weather for staying dry ☺️

Mash Up

Last finisher crosses finish line!

Terrific effort here. Great to see!

A guard of honour from our Polar Bears as well!


You're not wrong Mieke - keep donating everyone!

Ooh Shiny!

Keep sharing

Please keep sending in your photos from today using #WinterRun on Twitter and Instagram – show us those medals!

The Wander Arrives

Many of our London Winter Wanderers have now made it to Trafalgar Square.

Apres Ski Party

The Apres Ski Party is in full flow now – Take That have shone, up next ABBA Fever.

Thank you all ????????


2020 already very popular

Quick reminder that you can register your interest to the 2020 Cancer Research UK London Winter Run below. In doing that, you be able to secure your entry fee at £32.

Pre-register for the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run in 2020


Well done Kevin

Out of interest Kevin, is this a bigger or smaller achievement than managing England?


Optimum Nutrition Cool Down Sessions

Optimum Nutrition fitness experts Shaun Stafford & Kim Ingelby lead our runners in a group cool down sessions to make sure they recovering properly.

Well done Mum

My Mum has made it over the line in case you were wondering.

The London Winter Wander approaches Trafalgar Square

As you may have heard, the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run is not the only event we are hosting today. The London Winter Wander, a walking event which walks from 3 seperate locations and meets at Trafalgar Square, is also underway. Find out more about that event here.

Glad you enjoyed it Andy

We're always looking for ways to improve

As race organisers, we have a responsibility to limit our environmental impact. You may have seen our Yetis out on the route today. Please do your best to pick up any litter as you leave the event village.

Keep sending in your pics

All you have to do in #WinterRun


To honour the 5th year of the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run we are delighted to announce our Après Ski Party, taking place in Trafalgar Square straight after you finish on Sunday 3rd February. You’ll want to celebrate your 10k triumph, so we’ve recruited some of the UK’s best live acts to perform completely live from the iconic steps in front of the National Gallery.

Here’s the line up:

My fingers hurt from all the typing


"The best I have seen"

In 5 years of London Winter Run this is undoubtedly the best support I have seen. Thank you to everyone who has come out to support today – we needed you, the runners needed you. ????

Share your day with us

Once you have your medal, we’d love to see it around your neck. Why not send us a selfie and use the #WinterRun. Glad you enjoyed it Chris, see you next year.

2020 already very popular

The Cancer Research UK London Winter Run is now decisively a sell out event and places can be hard to come by.

Registering your interest now will GUARANTEE £32 entry for 2020.

Register your interest here

Can you hear the bells FernandSNOW

I’ll be the first to admit that was not a good pun. But what will be good, I promise, is the Apres Ski Party taking place in Trafalgar square later this morning featuring TakeThat and Abba tribute bands. Find out more about the party here.


Who else is running with family members today?

See your results now

Your results are automatically being uploaded onto the results page on our website – click here to view.

Please bear in mind that there are thousands of people trying to access this page so loading times are currently a little slow ???? Sorry.

The people who make it happen

It’s time to say a big thank you to our volunteers. We’re expecting almost 1000 today. If you’re running, supporting or simply passing by, please thank them for us because the event simply wouldn’t take place without them.

You are all heroes


Say hello to our mascot, Bear Chills

Make sure you give a big hug to our mascot, Bear Chills. He’ll be in and around the event village. If you happen to get a photo with him, show us on social using#WinterRun

Shout out to my mum

Somewhere out on the course today is my Mum, Sally. It is her second consecutive year running London Winter Run and she absolutely loves it. In fact, while we’re at it, shout out to all the Mums running today – you’re all legends. PS Don’t worry Mum, I’ve already text Dad to put the kettle on for when you get home.

An emotional sight

There are now thousands upon thousands of runners out on the streets of London. As a running and general sports fan, it’s an emotional sight. ???? If you’re a runner, go away today and tell people how it makes you feel. We need more runners in the world. ????

First Finisher across the line

Our first finisher is now over the line. What an effort to go sub 32 minutes.

Don't stop me now

There is some fantastic entertainment out on the course, particularly of the musical variety. I’ve seen these guys, the Rock Choir, a couple of time and every single time THEY BLOW MY SOCKS OFF.

Lovely bit of bling

As runners approach the finish, no doubt many of them will be dreaming of that chunky bling they’ll soon be getting around their neck. Find out more here.

Get in touch

Use #WinterRun and let us know what you’re up to today. Are you sat at home following this Live Feed or are you out on the course freezing your fingers off to get that perfect pic!

Front runners approaching finish

Un-be-lievable… the front runners are already approaching the 8km mark. I feel like we’ve only just started ????

Trudy's A Million Dreams

Keep up to date on social media. You can get involved by using #WinterRun or contacting us on Twitter @winterrunUK, on Instagram @WinterRunSeries and on our Facebook page.

Heskey Signs!

Coming on for Winter Run FC, number 9, EMILE HESKEY. That’s right, this year you’ll be joined by former England international Emile Huskey (rebranded for Winter Run) and his entourage (The Heskimos – think Beleibers and Directioners). Don’t be afraid to say hello out on the route. Find out more here.

A Wanderful Life

You may or may not have known that this year we are actually organising 3 separate events today – London Winter Run, the Virtual Winter Run and the London Winter Wander. The latter is now also underway, why not read about the London Winter Wander, which we’re very proud of, here.


23000 runners pour over the start line – the 2019 Cancer Research UK London Winter Run is underway. ????


Start Imminent

Only minutes away now from blast off in the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run 2019. Perhaps a moment to stop and think about what you have achieved to get here.


I feel ya, Paul. Wrap up warm kids. #GetPaulWarm #PaulisCool

Anyway, have a good a run mate!

Trafalgar Bear

We have a new attendee at London Winter Run this year. Meet Clawed Nelson (see what we did there), the 20 foot polar bear. Keep an eye out for him – you can’t really miss him – in Trafalgar Square this morning.

15 minute warning

Eeek…only 900 seconds until blast off. Winter Run 2019, are you ready?

No capes

Trafalgar Square is getting busy

The atmosphere in Trafalgar Square is electric. The Nuffield Health warm-ups are underway. What a banger Party Rock by LMFAO is. ????

Party with the penguins

Now that you’re PenguIN – you get to enjoy all the joys of activations out on the course! For example, hot-step your way through our Penguin Party and make sure to grab a high-5 (the penguins get very upset if you don’t high-5 them). But that is not the peak – or should I say beak – of the action. Stay tuned to hear about our other activations out on the course.

Nuffield Health Warm Ups well underway

The Nuffield Health warm-ups, which are back for another year at London Winter Run, are well underway in Trafalgar Square. You’ll be needing them in this cold weather!

What it's all about

Love this ???? Remember to get involved using the #WinterRun!

365 days in the making

The atmosphere at Winter Run HQ is electric. In 45 minutes time, a moment that has been 365 days in the making, will come to pass.

At 09:30, 23 000 runners will be unleashed onto the streets of London. As organisers, it’s a hugely emotional moment.

Bag drop

Remember – if you want to drop your bags in bag drop we will only accept the blue draw string bags that we sent to you with your race pack. It is a good idea to leave plenty of time to do this as we’re expecting queues – there are a lot of people running today after all.


You've absolutely smashed it

Over the past few months, thousands of you have been raising money for Cancer Research UK. You’ve absolutely smashed it and raised over £620 000 (the totalizer is a little behind). But we NEED to keep going. Just £5.20 each could help beat cancer and save lives.

You can get involved by purchasing a World Cancer Day unity band, which are available for purchase in Trafalgar Square.

Get in touch

We really want to hear from you today. If you’re out in support, why not use #WinterRun and let us know who you’re supporting. Equally, you can try contacting us on Twitter @winterrunUK, on Instagram @WinterRunSeries and on our Facebook page.

Nearest Tube Stations

No doubt many of you today will be travelling on London’s famous underground system. Make sure you know which station is best to get off at.

Things to remember

But before we get to that, let’s get the important stuff out the way. Here are some things to remember:

A landmark event

Now in it’s fifth year, London Winter Run will take you right through the heart of London. Very few sporting events anywhere in the world can claim to have a route that passes through such rich history and culture.

Keep an eye out on course, not only for the world famous landmarks, but also for a number of special Winter Run zones including a Penguin Party, Husky High-Fives and Polar Bear hugs.

Good morning Winter Runners

I thought I’d find you here… the 2019 Cancer Research UK London Winter Run is ready to go. With over 23 000 of you signed up, you are now running London’s second biggest running event and it’s biggest 10k. Hold tight London, it’s going to be a crazy day.

Live updates to follow at 8am

We’ll be posting live updates from 8am throughout the rest of the day to keep you posted on what’s happening here at Winter Run HQ, in Trafalgar Square and across London. You can also get involved by using #WinterRun or contacting us on Twitter @winterrunUK, on Instagram @WinterRunSeries and on our Facebook page.