SiS Sustainability Statement


Science in Sport (SIS) PLC recognises the impact it might have on the environment. We understand the importance of our actions on the environment and are committed to reducing detrimental effects. We are committed to protecting the environment through demonstrable and continuous improvement of our environmental performance, and full compliance with all relevant legal and other requirements.

Strong governance structures and our dedicated workforce enable us to meet our self-set commitment in regards of sustainable. These commitments are based on the tradition of our group and the idea of getting involved in a better tomorrow so that future generations can continue to develop the group.

We believe every company has a due diligence and plays a part in being more sustainable and together, we can start to be the change in the world.

The production of our products is controlled and maintained according to the highest industry standards and in compliance with the ISO 9001.

We strive to procure sustainable, ethical, and responsibly sourced materials, goods, and services. Therefore, as part of our commitment, we request no waste from production of our products or from our site goes to landfill, hazardous waste generated for the production of materials supplied to us is always disposed of correctly.

We promote working together to reduce our impacts on the environment. We ask all suppliers to provide SIS PLC with all sustainability plans and environmental policies your company has. We ask that where possible on deliveries, our suppliers try to deduce the amount of packaging on our products and use recyclable or recycled materials.

We will strive, where possible, to use materials that are recyclable to the larger volume of our consumers. We will also look to use recycled material where possible in our packaging.

We will take into account the carbon footprint that is created by the manufacture of the packaging. For example the move to pouches from tubs, as tubs have a larger footprint in manufacturing.

Our recyclable pouches are made for Polyethylene (designated as PE4 in the material code), which is recyclable at larger stores and supermarkets in the UK. We were the first of the large sports nutrition firm to move over to Polyethylene pouches, setting a trend that others have followed. We will always aim to be on the cutting edge of packaging sustainability.

As recycling methods improve, for example with the introduction of flexible Polypropylene (PP5) recycling at larger stores from early 2023, we aim to use this with all our bar foil wrappers.

 Our responsibility

The company responsibility for this statement rests with all employees. We expect every decision maker to integrate sustainability, environment and climate change considerations into strategic and day-to-day decision making processes. The responsibility for statement implementation rests with the person directly involved in progressing planned activity.