Inspiring People | The Hoka Story

We are proud to be partnering with HOKA our Official Running Shoe Partner.

Below is their story of how they became one of the leading running shoe brands.

HOKA’s Story

HOKA was born out of the unwavering belief that if you ignored the doubters, brushed off the critics and poured your heart into a wild idea, it was possible to create a shoe that let people fly down mountains.

Next we pushed our pursuits forward — certain there was a way to design running shoes that could be remarkably kind to the human body and still be world-class fast.

Today, our goal is to inspire people to move. We want to empower all athletes to act fearlessly and creatively, to drive forward with purpose and passion – and with an “always-on” mindset for innovation and thinking outside the box, we craft bold and unexpected new solutions for athletes of all types.

We aim to amplify voices and help provide access to running, walking, fitness and the outdoors. We believe everyone is an athlete, however you find joy in movement.

Going for a run changes everything. FLY HUMAN FLY.

If you want to find out more, visit their website and find your perfect pair of running shoes with their shoe finder tool to help you fly across the finish line at the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run on 5th February 2023!