How Did Our Expedition Leaders Get On?

Back in October, we opened applications for participants to join our intrepid team of Expedition Leaders – committed to sharing their experience, tips, and advice to keep you motivated on your event journey.

After a careful selection process, we welcomed five motivated individuals into the team, each one with a different level of experience and goals for the event.

Thank you to Alex, Angela, Asha, Josh and Paul, who did an amazing job as part of the team. You can find out how they got on below:


“Today was SO much fun! I felt so motivated and glad to be there. It’s a really special day, and I’m happy I could help people get prepared and excited for it! Thanks for making me a part of the awesome Expedition Team!”


“Wow, what a day. I absolutely loved running with my daughter on her 1st ever 10km today: it a very special moment and she smashed all her targets too! We were smiling all the way round enjoying the crowds, music and huskie high fives with a stunning medal at the finish. So many memories and a day to remember!”


“We brought over 70 of our ladies up from Reigate Ladies Joggers, many of whom had never taken part in an organised event before. They all had an absolutely fantastic experience. This is without doubt my favourite event of the running calendar and it’s been an absolute joy to be part of the Expedition Leader team this year”.


“Completing my first Winter Run with my PowerFit community was extremely rewarding but also very emotionally challenging as we were running in memory of our dear friend, mentor and fitness instructor Andy who lost his battle with brain cancer just last month.
Thanks to the organisers for making today a very special memory”.



“The event today was absolutely spot on, really enjoyable, engaging course and organised perfectly. To top it off, I actually finished in 38:57 – a PB! The atmosphere was joyful, with great community spirit and positivity everywhere you went. The  entertainment on the route was also brilliant, which contributed to an overall fun and successful day!”


Thank you all and see you at the Cancer Research London Winter Run 2025!