Christine’s story

Meet Christine – a Cancer Research UK supporter and previous Winter Run participant, she had always been fit and well until she was given an X-ray at the dentist and was diagnosed with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, shortly afterwards, back in 2013. Christine was told that her cancer was treatable, bu


t sadly not curable. Determined to stay strong for her daughter Victoria, Christine took it upon herself to fundraise for life saving research – and has since participated in several Cancer Research UK events.


She is recently engaged to her new partner and Christine is feeling fitter than ever and is living life to the full. Christine has recently undergone successful surgery to remove cancer cells from both her lungs and she received the fantastic news that it hasn’t spread!

“Being told that news is like winning the lottery. So in essence this is my fourth cancer surgery in eight years. I’m currently back to doing light exercise and hope to start running again at the end of this month.”