Why Fundraise

Cancer Research UK is the largest charitable funder of cancer research in the world, and will stay at the forefront of the global fight against cancer. They are optimistic about the future and the world-class research that they fund will keep making transformative steps in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Cancer Research UK's determination to beat cancer hasn't faltered and they are more focussed than ever on their ambition of seeing 3 in 4 people survive their cancer by 2034.

By taking part in the London Winter Run 2022 and fundraising for Cancer Research UK, not only will you be taking on an amazing fitness challenge for yourself, but you will be helping Cancer Research UK to stay at the forefront of the global fight against cancer.

The difference you'll be making

Covers the cost of running Cancer Chat for 1 hour. As a safe online space, Cancer Chat can be a vital lifeline to patients and their families, who may feel isolated or overwhelmed, or who simply need to speak to someone who understands what they’re going through.

It costs around £25 to fund one cancer nurse and their amazing work with people affected by cancer for 1 hour.

£75 could fund a research assistance for 11 day, helping to find the next breakthrough in cancer research.

Could pay for a patient’s cancer biopsy where a tiny amount of tumour is removed with a needle to be studied in the lab.

It costs around £200 to fund Cancer Research UK’s team of 10 cancer nurses for 1 hour. The expert team or nurses are on hand to offer confidential support and guidance to people affected by cancer.

Could fund a trial of an improved radiotherapy technique for prostate cancer for 1 day.

Could fund The PETReA trial, which aims to help doctors decide how to treat lymphoma for 1 day.