Below you can read about our sustainability ambitions and targets for the 2021 Cancer Research UK London Summer Run. We are working hard to set new, more ambitious targets for 2022. Stay tuned!


We are Human Race Events, we are the organisers of the Cancer Research UK London Summer Run. We are constantly striving to improve the sustainability of all of our events and business as a whole. Below you can read about our sustainability ambitions and targets for 2021 at the Cancer Research UK London Summer Run.

For this event we work closely with councils in Westminster, the City of London and Camden, along with all our suppliers, to reduce the impact on the environment. Our overall approach for the 2021 event is to reduce, re-use and recycle wherever possible. We have made a conscious decision to not make changes for PR reasons, or to appear disingenuous on the subject. We realise there are many different areas and aspects to be worked on and improved over time, and endeavour to do so, and be open and transparent about our progress.


Our goals on sustainability fit into our overall CARE policy within the work we are doing on the environment. CARE stands for





Within the environment pillar we commit to ensure our company and events are run as sustainably as possible to minimise our impact on our planet. We’ll be covering more of the work of the CARE policy in future articles.

Human Race are also chairing a meeting of other leading event organisers to find solutions across the industry and will be sharing feedback and insights into how we tackle our common challenges.


We are busy looking thoroughly at all areas of the event to find ways to reduce our impact, the COVID-19 pandemic has added further complications to deal with. Below is an overview of each of the areas, and how we are progressing on our sustainability journey, which will be continually updated as we go on the run up to the event


  • For sustainability reasons, there will not be any water stations along the route. Feedback from previous events has shown that many felt it was superfluous, as the majority of bottles were discarded on the road with the bulk of their contents in. Whilst we make every attempt to recycle these, we can only do so if the bottles are in a very specific condition. For 2021, as well as stopping potential COVID complications, this step will eliminate 15,000 plastic bottles from our day.
  • Every runner will be offered water at the finish line, and we will be testing recyclable cans rather than bottles. You are of course welcome to bring your own water should you wish to rehydrate on the course. Please remember to fill before you arrive as there will not be refill stations at the event.

Race Packs & Pre-Event Communication

  • Our extensive event guide is 100% digital and sent to participants via email, removing the need for any printing
  • Participants register exclusively online, and all further event updates are sent via email and/or are posted on social media
  • Run packs are posted out in a recyclable paper envelope
  • Your personalised run number included is made from firstron material which is recyclable, however the timing chip attached is currently not, so this will need to be removed before recycling the rest.

Bag Drop

  • Each runner has been supplied with a blue drawstring bag in their race pack. Thank you to feedback from our previous events, these bags are now made from recyclable material (sugarcane with a cotton rope handle) and we encourage you to keep and reuse your bag after the event.

Finish Line Items & Gifts

  • Medals are ordered early to ensure they can be delivered by sea rather than air freight. They are designed to be kept as a memento by participants. Any remaining medals after the event are recycled
  • All medals will be distributed to finishers by volunteers in the finisher funnels, who will be kitted out in full PPE in line with COVID-19 safety guidelines
  • No leaflets or paper will be given out at the event
  • Working with the relevant stakeholders & councils, the waste from the event will be recycled where possible