Below you will find the planned start times for the 2022 Cancer Research UK London Winter Run on Sunday 13th February.

The time you can start is dictated by the colour of your bib. These have been carefully planned based on your estimated time to complete the event to ensure that all runners have the best possible experience. Please make sure you are at the Welcome Point and ready to enter at the time given.

Once you have entered the start process, you will be given a final briefing and have an opportunity to warm-up, before heading out onto the closed streets of London for your 10k challenge. It’s going to be a spectacular experience that we can’t wait to share with you.

You will not be able to access the start until the time allocated to you, but if capacity allows, we may be able to allow you to start a little later. Please try and keep to your allocated time to ensure we can accommodate you.

If you’ve not yet received your bib your start time was emailed to you on Tuesday 8th February, and you can also manually check by name here. Use Ctrl+F on desktop to search for your name.