Welcoming Our New Training Partner Runna

We are delighted to welcome our new official training partner for the 2024 Cancer Research UK London Winter Run, Runna. Rated the #1 training app in the world, Runna promises to be your trusty snow buddy, guiding you towards conquering your running goals.

Runna will be providing expert advice on running, nutrition, injury prevention and a flurry of other icy essentials! By downloading the Runna app you’ll gain access to:


❄️ Personalised training plans that sync with your favourite fitness devices

❄️ Holistic coaching including strength, nutrition and injury management advice

❄️ Support from their global in-app community and world-class coaching team


Runna will be offering all Cancer Research UK London Winter Run participants exclusive access to the Runna training app for two weeks for free! Simply download the Runna training app here, or enter code LWR2.

Visit our training advice page where you can meet the Runna team and view all the frosty fitness content they have to offer.