Wednesday – Weather Update

At the moment the weather forecast for Sunday is unpredictable and changing, but there is a good chance of extremely high winds. We are keeping a close eye on the situation, and putting plans in place for whatever the traditional British weather throws at us.

What does this mean for the event

  • If the weather forecast continues to show gale force winds we will have to make some changes to the event so we adapt to this
  • Many of these changes will be aesthetic, such as removing branding and inflatable structures
  • There are possibly some more serious repercussions, such as not being able to erect our bag drop, and other infrastructure

What we are asking of our runners

  • As there is a chance we will not have bag drop facilities on Sunday, or the arrangements will be significantly changed, we ask that runners keep an eye out for updates via email, on our website, and on social channels
  • Please put plans in place to leave your belongings elsewhere during the run. This could be with a friend or family member, or leaving non-essential items at home

What’s next?

  • As the situation develops we will continue to update our runners
  • We will confirm the situation with our bag drop by Friday at 5PM
  • Although it’s highly unlikely, there is a minor chance we will need to postpone the event if the weather significantly worsens. Please check the website before travelling