Winter Run Rewards artist on his motivational design and the magic of London

It’s time to reveal the artist behind the spellbinding design of the 2024 Fundraising Rewards for the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run! This year, London artist Mark Harrison has created original designs for you to proudly display your fundraising achievement. You can check out all of the reward items here. 

 Find out more about Mark and his designs below: 

 Mark – introduce yourself! 

Hi, I’m Mark, a London-based artist, designer, illustrator, animator…you name it, I’ve probably tried my hand at it. Art is all I’ve ever known, from the early days of primary school to now – teaching my 3 -year-old how to draw animals on her sketch patch!  

A man sitting down in a pub, waiting for his food and smiling,


Tell us about your Fundraiser Rewards design and how you brought it to life: 

I really enjoyed creating the Winter Run rewards design this year. The design process started with a range of sketches of a running shoe in mid-strike and other event-themed details such as ice.  Once I had this base layer, I brought the design to life on the computer. I emblazoned the sole of the shoe with the words ‘SNOW STOPPING ME’ to really capture the fun of the event (using its trademark puns!). I also used neon colours and icy details to add a really punchy and powerful effect to the design as a whole. 


Do you have a personal relationship with Cancer Research UK? 

Yes, I’ve been donating to Cancer Research UK for a long time now, after a wonderful lady knocked on my door about 20 years ago. It’s always been a really important cause to support as it touches so many lives and affects us all, however close that may be.  I really hope that my design motivates participants and Cancer Research UK fundraisers to achieve their potential at the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run. 


 You are taking part in the event yourself this year – what are you looking forward to? 

I’m delighted to be taking part in this year’s event. I do a lot of solo long-distance running, and it will be great to run the 10k within my home city. I am looking forward to seeing London from a different perspective and I’ve heard that there are loads of landmarks visible on the course which will be very cool. 


 You’re a Londoner yourself – can you tell us what you love about London in the wintertime? 

 London in the wintertime is a rather enchanting place. I also love the feeling of slowing down, not feeling like you need to do or be anywhere, but just enjoy the many pockets of nature within the city. As an artist, I’m always looking for inspiration, and the charm of London never lets me down. 

I also associate London in the winter with pubs with cosy fireplaces, as well as brisk chilly walks on Hampstead Heath (perhaps the occasional dip in the ponds if I’m feeling brave!) All this, followed by something very warming in my local favourite, The Bull & Last Pub, is what makes it so magic. 


Thank you, Mark. We know that our team of dedicated fundraisers will love your design on their rewards as much as we do!