Welcome to Winter Run 2020


Throughout the pandemic we have proved that there are numerous ways of keeping close to those who matter most despite physical distance. Winter Run 2020 could be that new thing your group is looking for, not another video call quiz!

Winter Run 2020 is a virtual challenge aimed at boosting your well-being and tracking your progress. You will have the opportunity to compete with those around you, whether it be family, friends or those in your wider community.

Whether you sprint, run, walk, hop, skip or crawl it, it doesn’t matter how you complete the challenge, it’s suitable for all abilities. Who doesn’t love a bit of healthy competition and the chance to earn prizes?!

It’s completely free to enter (there’s no catch or upgrade option etc). If you wish to you can help us raise money for Cancer Research UK, but it is not obligatory (Cancer Research UK fund 50% of all cancer research in the UK and COVID-19 is severely impacting this – we can help).


So how you get your team started?


- Register yourself now and Create or Join a Team. You can find more information about 'How to Create a team' here and 'How to Join a team' here

- Select Your Team Name

- Set a Team overall Fundraising Target

- Then once the Team is created share the page link amongst your teammates for them to join

- Each Team will have their own Team Page where all entries, donations and rewards will be updated in real-time

Once your Team is created, make sure to keep an eye on your progress on the Teams Leaderboard:

Top Team Fundraisers

Top Team Runners