Our LIVE music acts for the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run on Sunday 13th February have officially been confirmed, get ready to party on the route with these unmissable performances. With some extra surprises still to come…

From choirs to rock acts, drums, and much more, you’re in for a real treat with this line-up - the atmosphere is going incredible, giving you the regular boost you need to smash your 10k.

Check out our note-worthy spots on route and find out more about our epic performers below.

1. Trio Jazz Band

Passing your first kilometre, jazz up your jog with this amazing style of music. With its more complex rhythms, believe it or not, jazz and running make the perfect partnership.

2. Fulham Brass Band

A quarter of the way through, you’re going to be blown away by a brass band playing an eclectic range of songs – what a perfect way to drum up the motivation to keep running.

3. Capital Connections Choir

No instruments needed for this incredible performance. An award-winning female close harmony chorus will be performing a variety of a cappella songs including pop, ballads, film, and Broadway numbers. Their performance is truly one of a kind!

4. CRUK Rock Choir

If you love to sing, you’ll love Rock Choir! You lucky runners get to rock out with the UK’s leading contemporary award-winning choir, who are well known for their up-beat, feel-good, and emotionally impactful tunes.

5. Lizzie Haynes

Hitting a slightly different change of pace here (not meaning your running), spectacular solo artist, Lizzie Haynes will be performing some well-known acoustic melodies. Have a listen to her amazing rendition of ‘Don’t look back in anger’ below.

6. Penguin Party

The coolest party in the capital is back! As you run through the closed roads of London, look out for our notorious and riotous penguin party. Positioned around the halfway mark to lift your spirits, you may even want to stop to have a boogie with them but remember to reserve some energy for the rest of your run!

7. Drumworks

Halfway round, you’ll be approaching the magnificent Mansion House, move your feet to the beat, and follow the sound of the samba drums.

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8. Pop Choir

Sing along to your absolute favourite tunes with Pop Choir. They’ll be waiting for you as you approach 7km, belting out the most vibrant and uplifting songs.

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9. Husky High Fives

Approaching the 9km mark, you’re going to need all the energy you can get and there’s nothing like a high five from a husky to lift your spirits and help you cross that finish line.

10. Pantasy Steel Band

If you can hear the unique percussion from the Caribbean, steel drums, you’ve made into the homestretch! Excitement and positive vibes will definitely be rising as you can see the finish line in the distance.

Don’t believe us? Listen to this…