Soreen to provide Malt Loaf Bars for 20,000 runners at the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run

After fuelling the nation for 80 years, the latest chapter in Soreen’s history will begin early in 2018, with a new partnership with mass participation event organisers, Human Race. Soreen’s Malt Loaf Bar – an on-the-go version of the original loaf in a convenient snack-sized bar – will be awarded to all 20,000 runners at this year’s Cancer Research UK London Winter Run as they cross the finish line in Whitehall on Sunday 4th February.

For Soreen, it’s a fantastic opportunity to educate runners about the natural energy enhancing benefits of the Malt Loaf. For Human Race and the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run, it’s a great additional benefit for all of the runners, on top of the amazing winter-themed running experience at the capital’s largest 10km.

Soreen said: “We can’t wait to get out amongst the positive energy of the finisher experience. It’s a perfect environment for us as at Soreen where we believe everyday should be an adventure, full of fresh air and fun! To get the most out of each day it’s crucial to give your body the fuel it needs. Our tasty products are a delicious way to give you energy – whatever the occasion.”

Nick Rusling, CEO of Human Race said: “I was brought up eating Soreen, and having visited the factory recently, and felt the passion, history and energy from the team. I feel that it’s a wonderful partner to support the participant experience at the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run. The natural energy of the Soreen Malt Loaf can be enjoyed by athletes of all abilities and we can’t wait to bring it into the event experience.”