COVID Policy

Our COVID-Guarantee

Your entry into the 2022 Cancer Research UK London Winter Run is covered by our COVID-Guarantee, giving you peace of mind about entering. What this means is if the event is cancelled due to COVID-19, we will automatically guarantee you a spot in the next edition of the event, and if for any reason you aren’t able to make that date you will be able to get hold of us to request a refund* We will also automatically enter you into the virtual version of the 2022 event

At the event

We want to assure you that in delivering this event we are fully compliant with Government guidelines and law specific to Covid-19 safety.

Throughout the planning of our events our team works closely with all the necessary stakeholders and suppliers to ensure that our events are safe and well run (e.g the local Council authorities, Emergency Services, Medical Director, Health & Safety advisors etc).

This is true at any time, for any event, in any year.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic has of course provided additional challenges and thinking needed. Our priority at all times is, and continues to be, the health & safety of all of the participants, volunteers, crew, and event partners.

We will continue to follow the advice and guidance given by the UK Government and throughout the planning for our events we will continue to take relevant advice from reliable sources. We will take all the appropriate steps between now and the event day to continue to help to ensure the health and safety of all those involved.

FAQ’s and More information

*Any refund due to COVID-19 will be less a small £5 admin fee and 3rd party booking charges. If you are seeking a refund for any other reason our normal Terms and Conditions will apply:

There are countless individual scenarios related to COVID-19 that may affect your ability to attend the event day (for example self-isolation, local lockdowns etc), this coupled with the reality of constantly updated guidance and advice means it is impossible for us to have a rule for every possible situation. The COVID-Guarantee is designed to be as fair as possible to everyone, while still allowing us to operate the event with some certainty. Thus, if because of individual circumstances (i.e. not a local lockdown) you are unable to take part of the event you will need to provide us with the relevant proof of this (e.g Tests results, proof of contact from track and trace etc). This proof will need to be covering the current mandated self-isolation periods as mandated by government

Below are some of the answers (as best as we can currently give) to common questions you may have:

Will I have to wear a mask whilst running?

Currently that is not the guidance that is given; however, this may change down the line. Also, you may for example not have to wear it whilst actually taking part, but you might need wear one immediately prior to (e.g. in start line up) &/or immediately after crossing the finish line.
We will adhere to all legal requirements at a minimum and will also consider the health and safety repercussions of our event which may require additional safety measures to be put in place. We will communicate these with you 2-3 weeks prior to the event.

Can I have a refund if I’m forced to self-isolate?

If you are forced to self-isolate and are unable to attend the event you will need to email us at with proof, between 5 days prior to the event and no later than one day after. (The 5 day time period, provided you have achieved 2 negative tests on days 5 and 6, is based on the current government guidelines for self-isolation as of 17 January 2022 for non-vaccinated people)

What happens if the event is cancelled due to COVID-19?

We will liaise with the relevant local stakeholders and councils and will communicate the plans for the event and what options you have available to you in as timely a manner as possible. Our COVID-Guarantee ensures you a place in the next edition of the event, and in the case where you can’t make this you can request a refund (less a small £5 admin fee and 3rd party booking charges).