5 reasons you should run the Cancer

Research UK London Winter Run with

a friend

Winter running events, such as our snow-tastic 10K, provide an excellent way to stay active during the darker and colder months, encourage people to have a lot of fun (beating the winter blues), and gives runners the motivation to build on their running prowess all year round. But why do them alone? Below we’ve come up with five reasons why you should enter an event with a friend or as a group.

You can motivate each other

One of the best benefits of running with a friend is that you can motivate each other. If the going gets tough and your legs are starting to tire, you can lean on your partner to encourage you and keep driving you forward. It’s amazing how little words of encouragement such as ‘keep pushing’, ‘you’re doing so well’ and ‘not long left, we can do this’ can keep a team member from giving up and motivate them to stay strong.

Some friends might not even see each other once they have crossed the start line, but knowing the other person is there with you still provides an excellent sense of camaraderie.

There is no better feeling than crossing the finish line after all the training you put in, to complete the challenge with a friend makes the feeling even sweeter!

You can strengthen or build on relationships

Nothing builds deeper friendship bonds than training together as a pair or in a group. What is the motto we are thinking of… friends who sweat together stay together!

Meeting up regularly to train together and work towards completing a common goal is a great opportunity for you to establish new friendships or strengthen existing ones. You’ll often find the time whittles away faster as the time is spent in conversation, which is an additional bonus, and often you find you delve into deep and meaningful talks which you might not have had the opportunity to do otherwise.

You can fundraise together

Many of our London Winter Run runners fundraise for Cancer Research UK as it is a cause close to their hearts. An advantage of running as a group is that the task of fundraising can be shared out and every member will have an equal responsibility to raise an amount so that collectively you can smash through your target. Whilst one person might run a bake sale, one person sends round fundraising communications to friends and family, and the other takes on social media, usually fundraising efforts will be enhanced by having more than one person working to a goal target.

You can push yourself further with friendly competition

Let’s be honest… all humans naturally have a competitive spirit within us. You might try to deny it, but we all strive to be the best in what we do. A great advantage of training for and participating in an event with a friend is that you will be able to push each other to perform to the best of your abilities.

We aren’t talking about all-out competitive war but make it fun to keep things interesting. For example, the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run will be hosting a variety of opportunities to unlock virtual on Strava in the lead-up to race day on Sunday 13th February 2022, so why not challenge either other to that and see who comes out on top? Or set other friendly contests such as daily step targets, best pace during speed sessions, hill conquering challenges and so on.

Come race day you will be equipped to take on the world!

You can share top tips to help each other improve

Discovered a new energy gel that gives you a boost during training? Or a new scenic route that breaks up the usual routine? Or a brand of supportive sports bras that will make runs more comfortable? Or even a training plan that will take seconds off your PB?

All these small examples of advice sharing can really add up and make your collective training efforts even stronger so you can put your best foot forward when event day comes around.

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