Official photos

Our official photography partner, AWOL Adventure, were at the 2018 Cancer Research UK London Winter Run snapping runners on the course! AWOL Adventure are offering professionally-taken event photos at an extremely competitive price.

They’ve been busy since event day, and have 150,000 images uploaded and tagged! To find your photos, visit their website and enter your name, race number, or just browse the albums…


  • See an image you like? Buy it on its own for just £10
  • Fancy a deal? Get ALL your tagged images for just £20
  • Prints start from £10


Note on tagging

AWOL have tagged you in every photo where your Race Number is visible. However, it’s very likely you will be in other photos, if your race number is blocked by an arm, another runner, or your bib has folded over / come off!

Don’t despair, you can ‘tag’ yourself in any photo, and AWOL will review it shortly after and add it to your bundle.